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Let Us Pray For Your Marriage

We at The Intentional Marriage believe that prayer is an important part of everyone's individual walk with Christ. It is also highly important for couple to pray together. We know that marriage is full of the unexpected and growing pains. We want to team with you to pray for your needs!

Here is a sample marriage prayer that we find to be a beneficial prayer to claim over your marriage:

Dear Lord, I thank you for my marriage. I am so blessed to have my spouse. Regardless of the conflict we face, the trials and challenges… Marriage is a blessing. I pray protection over my marriage. I ask that you would protect us from our flesh and selfish ways. Mature us and refine us so that we seek the good of each other. I also pray protection against the schemes of the enemy. May you bind him in Jesus name! Holy Spirit cover us and anoint our marriage. Break any strongholds in our life and break our heart for what breaks yours. May compassion, love, and grace motivate our every action in Jesus name AMEN!

If you have a prayer request, please submit the form and we will be sure to add you to our prayer list!

Blessings, The Intentional Marriage

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Prayer Circle January 9, 2018

The Intentional Marriage

Our mission is to assist couples to plot a course through intentional choices that result in action that empowers growth in Christ.

Today’s marriages need intention more than ever before. With the divorce rate at approximately 50% percent for first marriages, 67% for second and 74% for third marriages, couples need to spend time looking at what is important in keeping marriage fresh and alive! We are committed to helping couples reach a new level of effectiveness in their marriage.

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