Move from an Average Marriage to a Thriving Marriage

THE INTENTIONAL MARRIAGE is an interactive teaching that is designed to share solid marriage principles. Bryan and Stephanie Vignery teach from over 15 years of experience and are a dynamic, biblically-based, spirit-filled couple.


Each week you will receive a new lesson to do at your own pace. These lessons can be done alone or you can do them with you spouse. You finish on your timeline and you will be able to always review and have access to the videos for future use.


We know how important it is for life to be convenient! That is why we have designed our platform to go with you everywhere you go. Wether you are on your computer, your tablet or your phone, you will always have access to grow your marriage!


Community is key for growth! We all have communities that we are plugged in to but we want to make sure that we create a community that gives you access to other couples that desire growth in their marriage through a private Facebook page.


Taking time to connect with your spouse is a continual challenge for some couples. We recommend that you allow this course to be a connection time to discuss important topics in your marriage and your family. We are excited for you to experience connection!


"The time this created for my spouse and I to connect created a togetherness that we have been longing for" - Tyler & Melissa

Building Marriages to Last

This course will allow you and your spouse to go on a growth journey together and will lead to a more intentional marriage.  Go at your own pace. You will be delivered videos and other resources to encourage and equip you and your spouse.  Topics include:

  • The importance of time and connection in your marriage
  • Understanding the areas of growth personally and in the marriage
  • Understanding what each individually brought into the marriage both positive and negative
  • Focussing on the strengths of your spouse instead of the limitations
  • How your emotions play a role in the dynamics of marriage
  • The importance of forgiveness to healing in the marriage
  • The power of our words and how they impact those around us, especially our spouse
  • An action plan to set your marriage on a healthy course toward thriving
  • And much more!

The Time is NOW!

We are excited to have you a part of this course. Once you register you will receive an email with everything that you need to know to jump in and move your marriage from average to thriving!

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Courses January 9, 2018