For many people, ‘Tis the Season means ‘Tis the Season to be STRESSED! It can be very stressful to navigate all of the family responsibilities along with the extra responsibilities that come along with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

During the Holidays, most people will find that there are stressful events that are in our control and also some stressful events that are out of our control. There are many areas in everyday life that cause stress but here are a few areas that Stephanie and I believe are significant and can cause a high-level of stress during the Holidays.

  1. Shopping
  2. Family Dynamics
  3. Money

(To hear a detailed description of these three areas, watch the November addition of the Love and Learn Series hosted by Bryan and Stephanie Vignery. You can find the video by following this link:  To join in to the FREE Love and Learn Series the first Wednesday of every month, follow The Intentional Marriage on Facebook or Instagram.)


Shopping can be a big source of stress during the Christmas Season. We all know that the “Reason for the Season” is Jesus’ birth but let’s face it, in our consumer-minded culture – there are gifts to be purchased! As we have faced this upcoming Christmastime, do not wait until the last minute to do your shopping! When you have to go and fight the crowds as time draws closer to Christmas, it becomes an extreme source of stress for many! So Stephanie’s suggestion, Start NOW! Find the sales and be smart with your purchases and always keep yourself reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas; JESUS.


Navigating family during the Holidays can be tricky! No-one has come from a perfect family. And with family, there can be a lot of stress caused by past family events. This can include family members that are no longer with you during this season because they have passed away. These family members may have played a very important role in the Holiday Season in past years and there are strong memories that can be difficult to face while spending time with family.

Another big area of navigating our families is recalling and remembering past wounds in your life that involved family or particular family members. During these times of attending family gatherings, past feelings can have a tendency to resurface causing added stress that is undesirable. Although these events can give some insight into areas that you need to face and work through, the timing of which they present themselves can be extremely challenging.


Money has a tendency to be one of the biggest stressors in marriage period. During the Holidays, this can be heightened to whole new level. With a combination of overspending, buying too many presents, and piling up debt to attempt to please family, all add up to create un-needed stress to you and your immediate family. We suggest that you take this in consideration and plan your spending before you start the Christmas shopping.

We suggest finding a charitable cause to donate too during the Christmas Season. There are many ways that you can give during this time and we find that most churches have areas that they support for Thanksgiving or Christmas. One that we like to take part in is buying gifts for single mother homes that cannot afford to provide gifts during the Christmas Season. Every year our church home participate in the local community to provide these gifts to single parent homes and we find that it is a blessing to be a blessing to those in need.