Bring The Intentional Marriage to Your Community

We’d love to partner with you in hosting The Intentional Marriage at your church of local community. The Intentional Marriage Weekend is a fun experience for couples of any age or stage. We look forward to teaming with you to assist in impacting the marriages of your community. All you have to do is share your information with us below and we will be in contact with you to start the planning process!


Be a Part of the Bringing The Intentional Marriage to your Church

Typical Event Schedule

Friday Schedule
6:00 pm – 6:30 pm – Check in

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Sessions
Saturday Schedule
8:30 am – Arrival

9:00 – 12:00 pm – Sessions

12:00 pm – 12:45 pm – Lunch provided

12:45 pm – 4 pm – Afternoon Sessions

Recommended Date Night with Your Spouse After the Close of the Event

Event Details

Bryan & Stephanie Vignery have over 20 years of experience and are trained to lead pre-marital and married couples through a series of interactive tools that will provide strengthening for their marriage. Our weekend marriage events are ultimately structured in a way we find is convenient with most churches. We are happy to work with the schedule of your church to make the best experience possible to inspire hope in the marriages of your community.

We want to make the events as seamless as possible. We utilize our own registration system that allows couples to sign up for the event. That link will be provided once the details are agreed upon.

The typical weekend event will include:

  • Over 6 Hours of intensive learning for the couples attending
  • Lunch provided for Saturday. Drinks and snacks available for the attendees
  • Creating a time for connection and reflection
  • Participation by Bryan & Stephanie Vignery in your weekend services if desired
  • Weekend Price ranges from $100 – $150 per couple depending on specific details

*Schedule and details along with pricing are subject to change based upon what is offered to the participants.


Creating a Romantic Environment

Room Recommendations

When Stephanie and I started dating we incorporated date nights into our schedule right away and we never stopped! We realize that there are many dynamics that can keep couples from scheduling date nights. One of the goals of The Intentional Marriage Weekend is for couples to be able to experience a “date” with their spouse. A time to be away from the kids and other responsibilities to connect with each other and grow their marriage. 

We want The Intentional Marriage Weekend to be an experience of fun and relaxation so we have some suggestions to help create a romantic environment. These are by no means required but we believe it helps set the mood for growth! We suggest the following:

  • Round tables with at least 3 couples per table for processing group exercises is required.
  • Decor on the table such as candle-light, table cloths and even flowers
  • We live in a social media world and news travels fast about couples choosing growth in the marriage. Photo booths are a hit with many couples at past events!
  • Pre-printed documents are helpful for the couples to stay on track with the event details and other events coming up at your church. We will provide PDF copies of the documents that need to be printed for the participants.
  • Dim lighting can communicate romantic in a hurry! We suggest dim lighting to help create the mood for connection.
  • Some churches like to remove all obstacles for the couples to make a weekend like this happen. We love children and also understand that childcare can be an obstacles for the weekend. We have had churches in the past who have provided childcare during the events to help the couples out. This is not required and it totally your call, we will embrace your decision.

If there are any other questions or suggestions to help create the best event ever for your church, we are open. We can cover those and other items when we consult on the phone or video conference during the planning process.

We look forward to creating and awesome event and assisting your couples to find hope and strengthen their marriages!


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    The Intentional Marriage Weekend January 21, 2019