Love and Learn Date night

Our mission with The Intentional Marriage is to assist couples to plot a course through intentional choices that result in action that empowers growth. We see ourselves as a generational voice that reflects the Biblical truth about marriage in the midst of a culture of lies. Today’s marriages need intention more than ever. With the divorce rate at approximately 50% percent for first marriages, 67% for second and 74% for third marriages, couples need to spend time looking at what is important in keeping marriage fresh and alive! We are committed to helping couples reach a new level of effectiveness in their marriage.

There are multiple ways that The Intentional Marriage reaches couples of today. Through partial-day and multi-day workshops, we dive into tough topics that are impacting marriages. We have an event titled The Intentional Marriage Weekend that has proven to be a highly effective means of assisting couples to connect at a deeper level and cast vision for their marriage. We also have developed a program called Love and Learn Date Night which we believe is a non-threatening approach to assisting couples to grow.

What is the Love and Learn Date Night

The details of the "Love and Learn Date Night" events are as follows. We believe that an important part of keeping my marriage alive is to never stop dating each other. Since Bryan and Stephanie married in 2003, they have been consistent to have a weekly date night. Once children came into the picture, they have stayed committed to maintaining a date for themselves and a date night for their family! Over the past year, they have decided to take one of their date nights and turn it into a Love and Learn Date Night for other couples. During this love and learn date night, couples enjoy connecting with other married couples and learning through simple tools that Bryan and Stephanie incorporate into the evening.

The typical schedule of a Love and Learn Date night lasts about 2 hours and consists of:

  1. Bringing couples together for a meal with other couples. This starts with a specific time of connecting with other couples. The emphasis on this is to create a romantic environment with candles, flowers, etc. Giving the couples a true feeling of a special date time with their spouse.
  2. We will have some fun and lighten the environment with some prizes, giveaways, interaction, etc.
  3. We will close the evening with a time of "Learning" as we present a topic that will encourage growth in their marriage. We have a wide variety of topics to choose from and will select a topic as we near the event.
  4. The couple will then finish the night with some specific connection time with their spouse that is reflective of the topic present. An example would be, if we presented on the topic of communication in the marriage, we would have something specific for them to communicate on before they leave for the night.
  5. Upon completion of the Love and Learn Date Night, the couple will take with them some "continuing encouragement" resources that we will provide. Such as a 30-day marriage challenge of sorts, or other date night examples to keep date night alive in their marriage.
Love and Learn Date Night November 3, 2017